whats your ideal neighborhood

Aside from amenities and fixtures in your potential new home, your neighborhood can be just as important. So what are some things to consider when searching for your idea of an ideal neighborhood?

First up- Your Lifestyle…

Consider your potential neighbors and if they match your current lifestyle. If you have a young family, moving into a neighborhood full of empty-nesters could make it hard for your kids to make neighborhood friends. Another good reason to move into a family -friendly neighborhood if you have children is access to carpool groups and the support network that neighbors with children can provide.

For some, the perfect neighborhood might include neighbors involved in each other’s lives, and for others, privacy and solitude might be key.

Access to healthcare:

How close will you be to a clinic, emergency room or pharmacy? Although you hope to rarely have to utilize these services, if you have sick children or an emergency, having quick and direct access to medical care is essential.

Walkability or Public Transportation:

There is something freeing about being able to ditch the car keys and let your feet take you to a restaurant or convenience store in your neighborhood. If you enjoy leaving your car behind, are there attractions you could get to by foot if you wanted to?


Do you have school-aged children?  Good schools are one of the most important things to people with children, so if a school is reputable, chances are the neighborhood it is in will be sought after. A house located in a good school district will keep your property values robust.

Proximity to outdoor activities:

If you enjoy being outdoors, having some sort of outdoor recreation nearby is essential for a great neighborhood, even if you have a yard. Parks, trails, golf courses, or even just nice walkable streets are great assets. How close is the nearest park or bike trail?

So, is there such a thing as the PERFECT neighborhood?

The ideal neighborhood has a different definition to different people, so when going to purchase your next home, be sure to consider which variables are most important to you. Contact an agent at Falls Real Estate today for help finding the neighborhood in Sioux Falls that’s best for you!