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When selling a house, many times an individual will ask should I sell my house with an agent, or should I list it myself?  Obviously, an agent has more tools, training, and experience at their disposal. However, is this worth the 6% you’ll typically have to pay the agents who make your deal come together? It depends on a few variables:



1.     TIME: This may be the biggest variable when deciding if you need a realtor to sell your house or not.  Real Estate agents have access to the MLS, and can therefore list your house on that.  A person selling their house can list in on craigslist, Zillow, and other venues; however, those pale in comparison to the MLS. All agents use MLS for their primary search engine. You are therefore excluding most agents who search homes for their clients if it is not listed on the MLS. This doesn’t mean your home will not get viewings. It just means you will get fewer, and therefore, your house will take longer to sell.



2.     EXPERIENCE:  Selling a house involves a legal and binding contract. Real Estate agents are trained in real estate contracts and know their way around certain situations that may arise.  Contingencies, earnest money, title transfer, due diligence, are examples of terms that real estate agents are familiar with.  In certain situations, the fee paid can be worth the legal experience a real estate agent brings. In some cases, it may save you from certain litigation.



3.     NEGOTIATIONS/KNOWLEDGE: If you do not have experience in negotiations or have the knowledge to effectively negotiate, you may want to hire a real estate agent.  Not only does an agent have experience in negotiations, they have knowledge in the current market and know certain metrics. For example, houses may be selling at 99% of listing price, meaning you can be more aggressive on the seller side while negotiating. This knowledge can help you get the most for your house.



Falls Real Estate agents will also do the dirty work. In addition to searching, negotiating, and helping you through the process, are agents are notorious for going above and beyond.  In the past, they have ripped down a shed in the pouring rain, answering their phone at all times during the night, and many other items that show their commitment to customer service.

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