Hot cocoa, stockings hung by the fire, presents under the tree and…a For Sale sign in your yard?

Putting your house on the market during the hectic holidays might sound nutty, but you might have an advantage.

During the winter months and around the holidays especially, the inventory of available houses decreases. People looking to buy aren’t being inundated with choices, and your house could be exactly what they are looking for! Plus, the increase in competition among buyers could help you get a better price.

Another advantage is that people looking in the winter months tend to be very serious and won’t stretch out the buying process. People get busy during the holidays, so if they are taking time to look at houses, chances are they are ready to buy.

Here are some tips to help make your house a place a new buyer could imagine themselves spending holidays to come.

Make your house festive…but not like an Ugly Christmas Sweater.

Too many holiday decorations can make your house feel cluttered and smaller. A tree, some lights and a wreath are good, but your collection of 500 Santas…not so much. The same goes for outside. Putting up some lights on the exterior isn’t a bad thing, but having a laser light show set to Christmas music might scare potential buyers.

Also, keep in mind how many presents you have displayed under your tree. Dozens and dozens of presents will look cluttery and possibly entice potential thieves.  

You’ve no doubt heard about baking cookies to fill your home with the enticing smell of baked goods, and that’s especially true at this time of year! Leave out a plate of freshly baked holiday sweets and treats for potential buyers to enjoy.

Be sure to keep your walkways and driveways free from ice and snow and the home temperature comfortable. You want to set the scene of a warm and cozy place where potential buyers can feel at ease.  

The downside to a holiday home listing is the reality that you may be busy and you’ll have to allow showings at times that might not be as convenient for you.  This year, let your sister host the holiday meal. Don’t stress yourself out by trying to host all of your family get-togethers while trying to plan around showings.

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Happy Holidays from all of us at Falls Real Estate!