Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent in Sioux Falls can be tough. Especially with the over 500+ agents that are practicing here. With all these options, what should one look for when deciding on an agent?  Experience, dedication, knowledge, and personality are all big factors when deciding on an agent. However, those are not the only decisions one should rely on when choosing an agent.


For example, an agent with less experience may not have had as many closings as a seasoned vet. However, they still have their broker and other agents in the office to rely on. Also, they may work even harder for you since you are a new client to them and their livelihood may depend on the success of finding and closing a house for you.   This is not the case for all seasoned and experienced agents, but it’s an example on why experience alone shouldn’t determine the agent you choose.


Buying a house can often be one of the most important decisions in your lifetime. So, what really should be the driving factor on an agent you choose? At Falls Real Estate, we recommend simply choosing an agent you feel comfortable with.  You should be confident with your agent that he or she will do everything they can to not only find you your dream home, but also make the process as smooth as possible.


We recommend asking these three questions before choosing the right agent:


1)    How will you make this process smooth for me?


An agent should always explain the process from beginning to end. What you should expect, and all the steps from putting in an offer on a house, to signing paperwork.


2)    What is the best way to communicate with you?


What makes a real estate successful? Answering the phone. Honestly, agents should be effective in their communication to their clients. This means responding to emails, texts, and phone calls at any time during the day. At Falls Real Estate, we pride ourselves in our communications and openness to our clients.


3)    What questions do you have for me?


This may be the most important question you should ask your potential agent.  This is where the real estate agent can build rapport by getting to know you more, what you want in a house, and how you expect the process to be.  This is where agents can also explain how they will work for you, and what they may do differently. For example, our agents at Falls Real Estate have teamed up with Affordable Moving to help you with one of the steps in the home buying and selling process.




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